2020 Guide to Accreditation Available

2020 Guide to Accreditation Available

The 2020 update to our Guide to AAQEP Accreditation is on its way to the printer, and you can download it from our website right now! (Printed copies will be available at the Quality Assurance Symposium, and we will mail one to each Primary Contact in March.)

Thanks to feedback from the past year’s experiences of our reviewers, early adopters, and others, we’ve been able to improve the Guide in several ways. Note there are no substantive changes—only clarifications and some reorganization, chiefly in response to your requests. You can find a list of the changes on page 5 of the Guide.

Like member programs, AAQEP’s standards are on a 7-year review cycle. Since they took effect in 2018, their next potential revision date is 2025. But the Guide is updated every year with clarifications and examples to better support members in their work. You know our motto—“always improving together!”

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