Call for Volunteers: Reviewers Needed

AAQEP wants you!

Our quality assurance review process is dependent upon the expertise and generosity of volunteers from the field. As AAQEP’s membership has grown to over 100 providers, we now have more opportunities for volunteers to engage as peer reviewers.

This work is not only an important service to AAQEP and your peers but also rewarding for those who volunteer. We could share with you why we think so, but we’d rather let you hear from some of our current reviewers:

  • “I gained an even deeper insight into the AAQEP accreditation process. I highly encourage others to serve as reviewers.” – Proposal Reviewer
  • “Feedback is a critical part of any accreditation process. This is a way to assist other programs without serving as a visiting team.” – Proposal Reviewer
  • “The process is a professional dialogue and it is collegial. Treat the experience like a research question where the goal is to get to the findings and not to prove something true or false.” – Quality Review Team Lead
  • “I love that the visit was so collegial, that the faculty joined us for dinners, and everyone was so supportive of each other.” – Quality Review Team Lead

Serving as a proposal reviewer is a great stay-at-home option, if you’re not up to traveling; or those of you ready to see another program up close might prefer on-site work as part of a Quality Review Team. (Learn more about the job descriptions at the application link below.)

If you’re wondering, “But I’ve never served on a site visit team before—can I still apply?” the answer is yes! We’ll get you up to speed through our series on online training modules. Our volunteer pool represents individuals from nearly 30 states and includes AAQEP members and nonmembers with a broad range of expertise.

Ready to get started? Just take a moment to complete our easy online application here.

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