Call for Proposals: 2021 AAQEP Symposium

Call for Proposals: 2021 AAQEP Symposium

June 2020 Update:  This event will now be held entirely online, February 23-25, 2021. Read all about it here!

AAQEP seeks session proposals for its 2021 Quality Assurance Symposium, to be held Thursday, February 25, 2021, in Seattle. Proposals are due July 31, 2020.

Conference Information

The Quality Assurance Symposium is a one-day convening that also serves as AAQEP’s annual meeting. Registration will be open to both members and nonmembers. The overall focus is on AAQEP accreditation and the various practices, processes, and policies related to quality assurance and improvement in educator preparation.

The day’s schedule includes member meetings, meal events, plenary sessions, concurrent breakouts presented by staff, and peer-reviewed sessions submitted through this call for proposals.

AAQEP seeks proposals for sessions that address topics such as these:

  • Lessons from current AAQEP members drawn from their experience with the accreditation process, standards, and evidence expectations
  • Perspectives on working with state agencies, local schools/districts, and other partners
  • Current research in an area related to quality assurance and improvement in educator preparation
  • Strategies for solving persistent challenges such as obtaining/analyzing data from various sources, improving selection and support of candidates in the program, tracking graduates into the field, addressing local schools’ staffing needs, etc.
  • Strategies for solving new challenges such as transitioning to fully online delivery models, offering alternative clinical experiences for candidates, and dealing with disruptions to data collection
  • Assessments, tools, or other resources being used to measure, advance, and document program quality

Session Information

Concurrent sessions will last 75 minutes and will occur between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on February 25. Each session will be assigned a room that is set in roundtables and equipped with wireless internet access, a microphone/sound system, LCD projector, and projection screen; presenters must supply their own laptop for digital presentations. AAQEP anticipates having no more than five sessions scheduled concurrently in any block of time.

Proposal Requirements & Review Criteria

Only complete proposals will advance to peer review. A complete proposal includes the following components:

  • Session title
  • Presenter name(s) and contact information
  • Intended audience
  • Keywords
  • Brief abstract
  • Detailed description

See proposal entry form for details about each component. Presenters may submit multiple proposals. Note that every session must offer appropriate engagement opportunity for participants and must have at least one presenter from an educator preparation provider (but AAQEP encourages submissions with copresenters from state authorities, local practitioners, and other partners).

Peer reviewers will evaluate proposals on the following five criteria, weighted equally:

  1. Clearly defined relevance to AAQEP standards and/or process

  2. Alignment with this call for proposals, including session topic and audience engagement plans
  3. Alignment with one or more of AAQEP’s design principles (collaboration among providers, focus on improvement and innovation, partnership among SEAs-EPPs-AAQEP, comprehensive standards for all provider types, respect for context and mission, consistency, and efficiency/frugality)
  4. Clarity of the session’s objectives and outcomes for participants
  5. Projected impact/contribution to the field

Presenter Responsibilities

Presenters agree to pay their own expenses associated with the symposium, including registration, hotel, travel, and other related costs. AAQEP will notify presenters of discount opportunities such as early registration rates as soon as they become available.

AAQEP will notify all session applicants by October 9 of the decision regarding their proposal’s status.

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