PRESS RELEASE: University of Maryland Earns Accreditation of Educator Preparation Programs

PRESS RELEASE: University of Maryland Earns Accreditation of Educator Preparation Programs

Contact: Kristin McCabe, Director, Communications and Marketing

(July 8, 2020, Fairfax Station, VA) – The Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP) has awarded full 7-year accreditation to the University of Maryland’s initial teacher preparation programs and the advanced programs in reading, school counseling, and school psychology.

After reviewing the evidence collected through a process of self-study and peer review, the AAQEP Accreditation Commission issued the affirmative decisions at its June 23 meeting. The Commission found “compelling evidence” that the university’s programs meet all AAQEP standards.

Overall, this evidence showed that program completers are prepared to work effectively in their professional roles and that they are able to adapt to different contexts and to grow professionally. The programs’ capacity to analyze and provide evidence for sustained actions and revisions on behalf of students was evident and sufficient to meet AAQEP standards.

In particular, the AAQEP Commission noted the teacher preparation programs’ effective internal processes for closely aligned student recruitment and advising, resulting in increased retention of teacher candidates in the program.

The Commission also cited the institution’s extensive collaboration with partners to strengthen the P-20 education system across the state and region, particularly through formal and broad-based structures for stakeholder engagement that leverage the program’s deep connections with field-based colleagues. This collaboration strengthens the evidentiary basis for ongoing program improvement and innovation.

“Congratulations to the University of Maryland and to all of the faculty, staff, and stakeholders who have achieved their goal of national accreditation by AAQEP,” said AAQEP President and CEO Mark LaCelle-Peterson. “The College of Education’s well-developed recruitment and support system strengthens and diversifies the teacher pipeline, and the strong participation in advisory groups by P-12 partners both signals and enhances the programs’ value in the region.”

National accreditation assures the quality of professional preparation programs through a nongovernmental, nonregulatory process of self-study and peer review. This standards- and evidence-based process serves two broad aims: accountability and continuous improvement. The AAQEP model is also designed to honor local context and foster innovation and collaboration among institutions. AAQEP currently has members in 22 states and territories with 120 educator preparation providers participating in the accreditation system.



Founded in 2017, AAQEP is a membership association and quality assurance agency that provides accreditation services and formative support to all types of educator preparation providers. The organization promotes excellent, effective, and innovative educator preparation that is committed to evidence-based improvement in a collaborative professional environment. Visit for more information.

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