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About Us


AAQEP promotes excellent, effective, and innovative educator preparation that is committed to evidence-based improvement and enjoys a high degree of community engagement and public confidence.

AAQEP leverages credible evidence, technological advances, and innovations in quality assurance/accreditation to provide transparent, understandable reports on program quality and to foster innovation and improvement.


AAQEP promotes and recognizes quality educator preparation that strengthens the education profession’s ability to serve all students, schools, and communities, and to do so equitably.

To accomplish its mission, AAQEP:

  1. Supports the professional development of those engaged in educator preparation and the continuous improvement of preparation programs
  2. Coordinates formative peer reviews in support of member institutions’ quality assurance and continuous improvement efforts
  3. Designs and implements accreditation processes that respect the diversity and autonomy of institutions and providers


  1. Collaboration among preparation providers
  2. Improvement-focused, innovation-friendly protocols
  3. Partnership among institutions, state agencies, and AAQEP
  4. Comprehensive standards that address all types of providers
  5. Respect for context and mission
  6. Consistency and calibration of all reviews and decisions
  7. Efficiency and frugality in operations
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