Travel Policy for Site Visits

A. Once the Quality Review Team composition is confirmed, AAQEP and the provider conduct a logistics call to determine what transportation is needed (e.g., rental car) and what meals will be covered by visitors (rather than supplied by the provider or the hotel), among other details.

B. The provider arranges the hotel and pays for it directly.

C. Travelers book their own air or ground travel at least 6 weeks in advance and forward receipts to AAQEP along with an estimate for parking and/or transfer expenses at the originating airport/station. Any fares over $500 must be approved in advance by AAQEP. (Please be respectful of providers’ expenses and honor AAQEP’s founding principle of frugality!)

D. AAQEP calculates GSA costs for all travelers (such as mileage and any meals not covered by the provider) and bills the institution for the sum of that estimate and the amounts in Section C above.

E. Prior to the site visit, AAQEP issues each traveler a check for the estimated expenses, per diem allotment, and air/ground travel reimbursement. Note: Travelers should retain their receipts. If their costs exceed the per diem allowance, they can submit receipts to AAQEP for reimbursement. If their costs are fully covered, AAQEP does not need the receipts.

F. Travelers who book a rental car must secure insurance, either automatic coverage through their personal insurance or credit card or purchased coverage from the rental agency. Such expense is reimbursable by AAQEP if it exceeds the travel advance.

G. If a traveler is unable to complete a planned trip, any travel advance and airfare refunds must be returned to AAQEP.

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