AAQEP Expectations Framework

Get a 2-page summary of the AAQEP standards and aspects (excerpted from the full Guide to AAQEP Accreditation).

Call for Public Comment

AAQEP seeks feedback about the quality of educator preparation provided by members that are currently undergoing review for accreditation.

Rigorous Standards Created by the Field

Standard 1: Candidate/Completer Performance

Program completers perform as professional educators with the capacity to support success for all students.

Standard 2: Completer Professional Competence and Growth

Program completers adapt to working in a variety of contexts and grow as professionals.

Standard 3: Quality Program Practices

The program has the capacity to ensure that its completers meet Standards 1 and 2.

Standard 4: Program Engagement in System Improvement

Program practices strengthen the P-20 education system in light of local needs and in keeping with the program's mission.

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