2019 Guide to Accreditation Now Available

Guide to AAQEP Accreditation Now Available for Download Get the Guide! Download The inaugural edition of the Guide to AAQEP Accreditation is now available, providing comprehensive information on the AAQEP standards and process. Everyone attending last month’s Quality Assurance Symposium received a printed copy, and another copy is currently in the mail to the primary contact of each member provider…


Volunteer Preparation: An Introduction to AAQEP’s Professional Learning Series

AAQEP is committed to providing professional learning experiences for all of its volunteers. Currently, AAQEP’s training consists of a series of four online modules designed to guide volunteers in understanding the system and in performing their specific role. Module 1 introduces AAQEP’s approach to accreditation, including an in-depth look at AAQEP’s four standards and an overview of peer reviewers’ responsibilities…


Call for Third-Party Comment

Do you have feedback about the quality of educator preparation provided by an AAQEP member? We value the perspectives of faculty, students, alumni, P-12 partners, and anyone else who has knowledge of or experience with the programs we review. All comments will be shared with the provider as well as with members of the AAQEP Quality Review Team; please note…


Call for Chapters: Effective Use of Data for Improvement

Are you doing work in the assessment of educator preparation? Christine Carrino Gorowara (University of Delaware), Erica Brownstein (Ohio State University), and Tim Wall (Northwest Missouri State University) seek proposals by November 15 for research chapters or practitioner pieces to include in their upcoming book, Effectively Using Data for Educator Preparation Program Improvement. The goal of this volume is to explore research…


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