CHEA Organizer

Evidence Referenced in AAQEP’s Application Narrative (in order of citation)

Item Description CHEA Standard
A Guide to AAQEP Accreditation, 2020 10A, 10E, 10F, 11A4, 11B3, 12D1, 12D2, 12E
B Public Reporting and Transparency Policy 10B, 11B2
C Annual Report Template 10B, 10F, 11A3 11B1, 11B3
D1 Self-Study Excerpt: Clarkson University Appendix A 10B
D2 Self-Study Excerpt: College of St. Scholastica Appendix A 10B
E Accreditation Commission Decision Guidelines 10C, 12E, 12L
F1 Self-Study Excerpt: College of St. Scholastica Appendix C 10D
F2 Self-Study Excerpt: Utah State University Appendix C 10D
G QRT Report (site visit report) Section 5 10D, 12B
H1 Accreditation Proposal 10F, 11B3
H2 Section 4 of Accreditation Proposal 10F, 11B3
I1 Proposal Excerpt: University of Texas at Arlington 11B3
I2 Proposal Excerpt: The Sage Colleges 11B3
I3 Proposal Excerpt: University of Hawaii at Manoa 11B3
J1 Self-Study Excerpt: Abilene Christian University 11B3
J2 Self-Study Excerpt: SUNY Empire State College 11B3
J3 Self-Study Excerpt: Utah State University 11B3
K1 Member Directory 11A1, 12D3
K2 Directory of Accredited Programs 11A1, 11A2, 11A4, 12D3
L Accreditation Action Report Template 11A1, 11A3
M Directory of Accreditation Commission Actions 11A1, 11A4
N Contact AAQEP 11A2
O Complaint Policy 11A2
P Annual Report Policy 11A3, 11A4, 11B1, 12M1
Q Sample State MOA Template 11A3
R Substantive Change Policy 11A3
S Delaware Certificate of Incorporation 12A
T Virginia Certificate of Incorporation 12A
U 501(c)(3) Letter 12A
V Bylaws 12D1, 12F, 12K, 12M1
W Policy Web Page 12D1, 12D2
X Accreditation Decisions Policy 12E
Y Staff CVs 12H
Z Accreditation Action Report for Clarkson University 12I
AA Appeals Policy 12J
BB Conflict of Interest Policy 12J
CC Board of Directors 12K
DD Accreditation Commissioners 12K
EE Website 12L
FF Training Modules 12L
GG1 Proposal Reviewer Module Companion 12L
GG2 Team Member Module Companion 12L
GG3 Team Lead Module Companion 12L
HH Accreditation Commission Sample Agenda 12L
II Accreditation Commission Sample Orientation PowerPoint 12L
JJ1 Proposal Reviewer Survey 12M2
JJ2 Provider Proposal Process Survey 12M2
KK1 Program Survey 12M2
KK2 Practicing Professional Site Visit Team Member Survey 12M2
KK3 IHE-Based Site Visit Team Member Survey 12M2
KK4 Site Visit Team Leader Survey 12M2
LL Survey Feedback 12M2
MM Early Adopter Quality Review Process Working Group 12M2
NN Cohort Aspect Calendar 12 Additional Comments
OO Cohort Agenda With Notes 12 Additional Comments
PP1 Brown Bag Quarterly Recording: November 2019 12 Additional Comments
PP2 Brown Bag Quarterly Recording: January 2020 12 Additional Comments
QQ Collaborative Conversation Invitation 12 Additional Comments
RR Quality Assurance Symposium 2020 Program 12 Additional Comments
SS Open Forum Notes Section IV
TT1 Cohort Agenda Example A Section IV
TT2 Cohort Agenda Example B Section IV
UU Workshops Web Page Section IV