Collaborative Conversation

What's in your social media toolkit? Strategies for keeping in touch with your program's completers

Tuesday, â€‹October 27, 12:00-1:00 p.m. EDT

AAQEP Aspect 4c expects programs to “support completers’ entry into and/or continuation in their professional role,” yet many programs have a hard time even tracking down their alumni once they leave campus. When emails go unanswered and mailing addresses are no longer valid, social media can provide a more reliable channel for connecting.

If you struggle with following your completers into the field and would like to engage in a collaborative conversation with peers across the AAQEP membership, we have just the Zoom call for you! On October 27 at 12 noon EDT, AAQEP Ambassador Casey Brown, Associate Dean, University of Texas at Arlington, will facilitate an informal discussion of effective practices and sharing of strategies.

Interested? Contact Casey Brown for more information and call-in logistics for October 27.