Collaborative Conversations

Looking for an opportunity to engage in a collaborative conversation with peers across the AAQEP membership? Join us for a Zoom call facilitated by AAQEP Ambassador Casey Brown, Associate Dean, University of Texas at Arlington. Share and exchange practices, strategies, and even instruments that relate to an AAQEP standard, aspect, or appendix.

Questions? Contact Casey Brown.

Stakeholder Communication in a Digital Age

Wednesday, September 7, 1:00-2:00 p.m. EDT

Aspects of AAQEP Standards 3 and 4 expect providers to engage with stakeholders in ongoing collaboration and communication. For example, 3c addresses collaboration on data collection, planning, and continuous improvement processes, and 4a focuses on jointly supporting high-need schools and reducing disparities in educational outcomes. When face-to-face meeting opportunities are limited by busy schedules and ongoing pandemic challenges, electronic communication and modalities can be an important supplement for stakeholder engagement.

Sign up for this Zoom call to exchange ideas with peers on how to engage stakeholders using digital technologies. AAQEP Ambassador Casey Brown, associate dean at the University of Texas at Arlington, will facilitate a discussion on strategies for electronically communicating with stakeholders, developing relationships, and engaging partners in improvement efforts. Come ready to share your own strategies and questions about this element of program capacity for quality.