COVID Adjustments

Updated November 2021

As of fall 2021, AAQEP continues to operate almost entirely online due to the ongoing unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are grateful to our members, partners, and volunteers for their remarkable resilience and ingenuity.

To facilitate advance planning while protecting individuals’ safety and ability to participate, AAQEP will continue to conduct site visits fully online through at least spring 2022. A decision about fall 2022 will be announced in March. Thank you to each hosting program and to the dedicated reviewers who continue to adjust to and improve the virtual format!

Where in-person meetings are resuming, AAQEP staff are now engaging in some travel. We have begun participating in live conferences and state meetings, and we are arranging on-campus workshops and consultations on request. Meanwhile, we continue to serve and support your work virtually through monthly cohort meetings, online workshops, and webinar series, and the 2022 Quality Assurance Symposium will convene entirely online in March.

If you are writing a Quality Assurance Report, please contact your AAQEP liaison for guidance on documenting the impacts of pandemic-related disruptions to program operations and data collection.

We look forward to easing back into in-person collaboration as it becomes safe to do so.