COVID-19 Notice

Updated August 2020

Like all of you, AAQEP continues to navigate new waters in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Our first concern is with each person’s health and safety, and we recognize that everyone is confronting heavy demands on their time and attention.

Please be assured that AAQEP is open for business and ready to continue serving you. For everyone’s safety, no staff will engage in AAQEP travel, and AAQEP will not be conducting site visits in person through at least spring 2021.

Instead of live workshops, consulting, and conferences, we’ve developed virtual versions to support your continued learning. And instead of campus-based site visits, staff are working with host programs and volunteer reviewers to arrange for activities to be conducted remotely, informed by the experience we gained over the past few months. Please contact the Director of Accreditation Services with any questions about quality assurance review schedules.

AAQEP also realizes that institutional and state responses to the health crisis are disrupting classes and clinical experiences for candidates. We recognize the need to prioritize safety and health considerations, and to adhere to state and local policies and guidance regarding access to schools and students, physical distancing, and modes of participation and supervision. AAQEP encourages you to work with your partners in keeping with the directives that apply in your context, and we will respect any short-term program alterations, assessment changes, or data discontinuities that result from following those directives.

Please contact your AAQEP liaison with any specific questions regarding your program.