Data Visualization & Storytelling Seminar

Stories help us make sense of the world around us. Learn to bring your program’s data to life through a quality assurance narrative that uses data storytelling and visuals to build understanding among your stakeholders.

It is not enough to simply tell your story—you must tell it so that others will understand it. Data storytelling allows you to communicate relevant insights in an accessible format, tying together visuals and narrative that create meaning for your readers.

The Data Visualization and Storytelling Seminar will introduce you to a variety of visual representations of data and other strategies for presenting evidence as part of a connected narrative for accreditation and continuous improvement.

During this 2-day seminar, you will learn about:

  • The processes, components, and benefits of good data storytelling
  • Visual display options for different kinds of data
  • Creating your own data visualizations
  • Matching narrative to your visual data to connect the dots for readers
  • Using data storytelling with visuals for accreditation reporting and continuous improvement

Leave with tools and strategies to create a dynamic and meaningful representation of your program’s story.

Data Visualization and Storytelling Faculty

Sunny Duerr
Assistant Dean of Assessment and Accreditation, SUNY New Paltz

Mark LaCelle-Peterson
President and Chief Executive Officer, AAQEP