N.Y. Board of Regents Approves New Accreditation Option for Educator Preparation

The New York State Board of Regents approved a regulatory change May 8 that expands the options in national accreditation for the state’s educator preparation providers. The amendment allows institutions currently accredited by another national agency to apply for accreditation by the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP) and still meet the state’s “continuous accreditation” requirement. “Institutions across the state…


AAQEP Annual Meeting and Symposium: A Reflection

By Jessica Miranda The 1st Annual Meeting and Quality Assurance Symposium for AAQEP brought together members of the field of educator preparation from across the country to learn more about AAQEP’s approach to accreditation. Throughout the day, attendees engaged in rich discussions about quality educator preparation and how innovation within our field can be supported and encouraged through the accreditation process.…


AAQEP Framework: A Review

By Nancy F. Barrett - Accreditation has the potential to be a powerful, positive tool for education preparation programs. In addition to providing a “seal of approval” to potential students, parents and external stakeholders, programs can use evidence gathered during the accreditation process to improve existing programs, identify potential new initiatives as well as document outcome attainment.

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