Login FAQs

Logging In

Who can log in to the AAQEP system?

Anyone can set up a free AAQEP web account and log in to the website. Your level of access depends on your membership type, status, and role.

Why should I set up an AAQEP web account?

For AAQEP members, it's important to log in to gain access to exclusive content, registration links, and discounts. Nonmembers may also set up an account to speed future event registrations and receive AAQEP communications. Once you have an account, you can also update your contact information, track your transactions, and pay or print invoices from the member portal.

How do I create or access my web account?

To see if you already have an AAQEP web account, click on "Forgot Your Password?" (below the "Sign In" button at the top of this page, if you aren't already logged in) and enter your work email address. If the system recognizes your address, it will generate an automatic email to that address with a temporary login password. If it does not recognize your address, it will display instructions to set up a new account. 

Important: If your new account should be associated with an AAQEP member institution/organization, be sure to select the appropriate member in the setup process. Otherwise you may end up with an orphaned individual account that does not grant access to member content. 

Using the Member Portal

How do I update my profile?

To update your profile, first log in and then click on "Individual Profile" in your member portal menu. Review your information, make changes as necessary, and click on the "Save Changes" button to update your profile. 

Note: All "required" fields must be filled out prior to updating your profile; otherwise changes will not be saved.

How do I locate members-only content?

Most of the AAQEP website is publicly accessible, but a few pages and links are visible only if you're logged in as a member. The member portal contains bookmarks to the key organizers of members-only content—the Member Resources page and the Access Member Events page—but you can also access them from the top navigation menus (Member Resources is under Accreditation, and Free Member Events is under Professional Learning; if you're logged in as a member, the link for Access Member Events is active on the Free Member Events page).

​​​Can I add or remove employees/colleagues for my institution's membership?

Yes, if you are the Primary Contact or Affiliate Contact for your institution/organization, you can view, edit, add, and remove individuals associated with the membership record through the "My Colleagues" page in the member portal. Each AAQEP member provider has one Primary Contact, and each institution/organization may also have one Affiliate Contact. You may also set up unlimited additional "Reps" in the system to receive nonadministrative member access.

  • The Primary Contact has full administrative rights in the member portal as well as lead responsibility for all AAQEP communications. Only AAQEP staff can update the Primary Contact in the database.

  • The optional Affiliate Contact is a secondary administrator for the member portal only. This role can assist in managing event registrations, contact updates, and other details for the membership. If you want to assign this role to someone who already has an AAQEP web account, please contact us with that request. If you want to add a new person to the roster for your institution/organization, you can assign them the Affiliate Contact role yourself at that time.

View your existing roster in the "Review/Modify a Contact" dropdown menu on the "My Colleagues" page. Click on an individual's name to view or update the contact record. To add a new individual contact, click on "Add an Affiliate" (if available) or "Add a Rep" and enter their information in the on-screen form.

Note: Rather than adding colleagues' accounts yourself, you can invite them to set up their own using the "Forgot Your Password?" prompt under the website's login area. This way you won't need to type in their contact information or share a password with them.


What if I forgot my username or password?

Your username is your email address. You can retrieve a temporary password via email by clicking here and entering the email address that was used to sign up for your account.

I tried to retrieve my password but didn't receive an email. What should I do?

If the system says it has sent you an email message but you don't see one in your inbox, you may need to check the "junk" or "spam" folder in your email program. If you locate the message there, please mark it as "not junk" and add it to your "safe senders" list (or equivalent) to ensure you receive future emails from the AAQEP member system. If you still cannot locate the message, please contact us.

I submitted the "Retrieve Username and Password" request more than once. Will I get more than one email? 

You can retrieve your username and a temporary password as many times as you wish, and each time, the system will send you an email message with a new temporary password. Only the most recent temporary password will allow you to access your account.