Member Events

Professional Learning – Overview

AAQEP offers four types of events to support members’ professional learning and development around quality assurance and program improvement. 

  • No-cost introductory webinars about AAQEP, its standards, and its accreditation process are available to the public (and useful for new members). Live 1-hour webinars present information and updates and include time for Q&A with AAQEP staff and individuals from member institutions; recordings are also posted for ongoing reference.
  • Professional learning workshops are open for public registration (AAQEP members receive a discount) in both online and in-person formats. The virtual workshops, delivered in 3-hour Zoom sessions, are offered on a regular schedule. Workshops may also be arranged by request as all-day, in-person events hosted by a campus or other facility.
  • No-cost webinars and online forums (see below) are offered on a regular basis to support AAQEP members and peer reviewers in their work. These meetings address topics such as developing proposals and self-studies, preparing for site visits, and writing annual reports as well as ad hoc topics generated by the membership. 
  • Regional and national conferences are open for public registration (AAQEP members receive a discount) and generally convene in person. These events provide a variety of presentation formats and foci, with extended opportunities for collaboration among educators as well as with members of AAQEP’s staff and volunteer leadership.


Aug 19 Webinar: Writing the QAR: Effectively Sharing Your Program’s Story (Members Only)
Aug 20 Webinar: Documenting Program Practices: QAR Appendices (Members Only)
Sep 9 Introductory Webinar
Sep 15 Workshop: Making the Case for Quality I
Sep 16 Workshop: Making the Case for Quality II
Sep 23 Webinar: Writing the Accreditation Proposal (Members Only)
Oct 1 Webinar: Writing the Annual Report (Members Only)
Oct 7 Workshop: Ensuring Data Quality and Equity I
Oct 8 Workshop: Ensuring Data Quality and Equity II
Nov 9 Introductory Webinar
Nov 10 Brown Bag Quarterly (Members Only)
Nov 12 Workshop: Making the Case for Quality I
Nov 13 Workshop: Making the Case for Quality II
Nov 18 Webinar: Site Visit Essentials (Members Only)
Dec 1 Workshop: Ensuring Data Quality and Equity I
Dec 2 Workshop: Ensuring Data Quality and Equity II

Free Online Events (for Members Only)

Quality Assurance Review Webinar Series

AAQEP supports members in their review journeys with a series of free webinars (look for email invitations, or contact your liaison for registration information!):

Writing the Accreditation Proposal (4x/year)

Next Session: September 23, 2:00-3:30 p.m. EDT

Writing an Accreditation Proposal—an optional step in the AAQEP quality assurance review cycle—lets you receive timely feedback on the evidence set you plan to use to report candidate and completer outcomes in your self-study report. This members-only webinar gives an overview of the proposal’s contents, review process, and resources to support you in your writing. Bring your questions!

Writing the QAR: Effectively Sharing Your Program’s Story (2x/year)

Next Session: August 19, 2:00-3:00 p.m. EDT

How can you turn your assembled evidence into a compelling account of your program’s quality and improvement? Join this session to learn about effective ways to present, organize, and share your self-study in the AAQEP Quality Assurance Report (QAR). We will review the components of the QAR, including a brief overview of the five required appendices, and look at the Quality Review Team Report template to consider how the QAR components relate to reviewers’ documentation needs.

For a more complete consideration of the QAR, sign up for both this webinar and “Documenting Program Practices: QAR Appendices.”

Documenting Program Practices: QAR Appendices (2x/year)

Next Session: August 20, 2:00-3:00 p.m. EDT

The Quality Assurance Report (QAR) makes your program’s case for meeting each of the AAQEP standards, presented through a combination of narrative and focused appendices. In this webinar, you’ll learn about the five required appendices, which provide detail in support of particular aspects of Standards 3 and 4. We will discuss how each appendix is related to the body of the QAR, where and how information can be most clearly presented, and effective ways of integrating appendices in your report.

For a more complete consideration of the QAR, attend the “Writing the QAR” webinar before this one.

Site Visit Essentials (2x/year)

Next Session: November 18, 2:00-3:00 p.m. EST

Wondering what to expect as your AAQEP visit draws near? Join us for a walk-through of the steps in the process after your QAR is complete. Staff will review how the Quality Review Team is selected, including local practitioners, and share a sample visit schedule. We’ll discuss who participates in or observes the off- and on-site segments of the review, go over team travel logistics, and highlight the key documents used by reviewers. Bring your questions!

Writing the Annual Report (1x/year)

Next Session: October 1, 2:00-3:00 p.m. EDT

AAQEP is rolling out Annual Reports in fall 2020! In this inaugural webinar, you will walk through the template and timeline with staff and engage with peers in discussion of evidence-based planning and improvement efforts. Note that all AAQEP members complete at least the first two sections of the Annual Report. Accredited members must complete the full report, starting the year after their accreditation was awarded, but all members are encouraged to complete it to support ongoing program improvement. The template will be available in September, and reports will be accepted October 1 through December 31.

Brown Bag Quarterlies (“BBQs”)

Coming Dates:
November 10
January 20
April 7
All BBQs run 1:00-2:00 p.m. Eastern

These free one-hour webinars feature presentations by AAQEP members on their work related to a particular aspect of the AAQEP standards.

Open Forums and Collaborative Conversations

Sometimes you just want to talk with peers about a topic of shared interest. We occasionally convene online “open forums” for the broader AAQEP membership to share ideas and resources related to a hot topic, such as pandemic-related disruptions to field placements. We also support smaller, member-led “collaborative conversations” around special interests, such as approaches to improving the preparation of early childhood educators for integrating global perspectives in their instruction.
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