Special Offer for Quarter 4

No need to wait until July 1 to join! New memberships for 2020-2021 take effect immediately upon payment.

That means you can join now and get the rest of Quarter 4 for free.

How to Join AAQEP

Membership fees are due annually by July 1, but you can join at any time. New members are billed a prorated amount based on the quarter when they join.

Membership Categories

Regular: For providers that are participating in the AAQEP accreditation system

Affiliate: For state members, corporate and nonprofit partners, and providers that are considering/exploring AAQEP accreditation

Annual Dues

Member Type

Annual Rate, July 2020 – June 2021 (prorated quarterly)

Regular, up to 100 completers per year


Regular, 101-500 completers per year


Regular, over 500 completers per year




Regular Membership:
Up to 100 completers per year

$2,750 annual fee

Regular Membership:
101-500 completers per year

$3,750 annual fee

Regular Membership:
Over 500 completers per year

$5,250 annual fee

Affiliate Membership:
Partners and providers not seeking accreditation

$1,450 annual fee

State Membership

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