QAR Samples - Standard 3

This section of the QAR provides evidence (frequently in the form of documentation rather than empirical data) that the program has the capacity to ensure that completers are prepared and succeeding professionally. Much of this documentation is presented in the form of four appendices that support specific aspects of the standard:

  • A: Candidate Recruitment, Selection, and Monitoring (supports Aspect 3d)
  • C: Program Capacity and Institutional Commitment (supports Aspects 3a & 3f)
  • D: Internal Quality Controls (supports Aspect 3e)
  • E: Evidence of Data Quality (supports Aspect 3e)

While each appendix chronicles a specific data collection and analysis routine associated with the particular aspect(s), the narrative section for Standard 3 summarizes the evidence, notes highlights, and explains how the various aspects of the standard, and the standard as a whole, are addressed through the more detailed investigations documented in the appendices.

Standard 3 Samples

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