Sponsored Sessions

Our generous sponsors will offer the following sessions on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.:

Room: Canyons A/B


Accreditation Reporting: Telling Your Story

Presenters: Jeremy Fairley, Member Success Specialist; Jennifer Gray, Senior Product Manager; Sandra Siddons, Manager, Accreditation Strategy

Writing an accreditation report is a challenging opportunity to share the story of the program with the accreditor and other stakeholders. Self-study, as a process, offers the structure in which to analyze the current state of the program, and demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement. Weave has supported over a thousand institutions and programs in documenting their stories to achieve successful reaffirmations. In this session, we will demonstrate how Weave can help you share your story.

Room: Canyons C


Improve Student Outcomes with Authentic Assessments

Presenter: Sam Farley, Director of Sales

Teacher educators are often asked—and expected—to do more with less. That means figuring out how to improve student readiness while juggling the realities of a challenging AI era. In this presentation, you’ll learn about how programs are leveraging video to allow students to practice, analyze, implement, and eventually show true evidence of learning throughout the program.

Room: Topaz


Using Teacher Licensure Assessment Data to Inform the AAQEP Accreditation Process

Presenter: Lori Kroeger, Senior Area Director

Drop-in to learn how to use Results Analyzer to review your program's licensure assessment pass rates and learn how to disaggregate data by academic year, program, and candidate demographic and other background information. Engage with other attendees to share ways that these custom reports can be visualized to support your accreditation story.