Standards & Guide

The AAQEP system is based on four standards that establish clear expectations for quality and frame opportunities for inquiry and improvement.

As the table on this page illustrates, Standards 1 and 2 focus on candidate/completer outcomes, while Standards 3 and 4 address program practice.

The table also shows another important alignment: Standards 1 and 3 represent "foundational expectations" on which the field broadly agrees and for which widely accepted measures exist; Standards 2 and 4 represent "contextual challenges" that are important aims but defy easy definition or common assessment.

Each standard includes six aspects, and each aspect must be directly addressed with evidence in order for the overall standard to be met. For details about the standards, aspects, and evidence expectations, see the links at left as well as the 2-page Expectations Framework and the full Guide to AAQEP Accreditation.