Volunteer Training

Welcome, AAQEP Volunteers!

We greatly appreciate your willingness to serve as a volunteer in the AAQEP system. Your generosity and expertise are our most essential asset!

AAQEP Training: How It Works

AAQEP volunteers have the option to take any available training modules, but you are eligible to work as a volunteer only after you have completed the required modules for your role:

  • Accreditation Commission members: Module 1
  • Proposal Reviewers: Module 1
  • Quality Assurance Reviewers: Modules 1-3
  • Quality Review Team Leads: Modules 1-4

The modules and sessions are designed to be taken in the sequence indicated. At the conclusion of each training module, you will find a link to notify AAQEP that you are finished. 

If you have any questions or encounter difficulties during your training, please contact Christine DeGregory, Director of Professional Learning.

Note: These sessions serve as a pilot for determining the content needed to help best prepare volunteers for their roles. Future iterations will be launched using a learning management system that will enable a more interactive platform and additional resources for volunteers. 

Looking to Become a Volunteer?

AAQEP welcomes your interest in volunteering! We will open applications broadly in fall 2019.

For the first round of reviews, all volunteer roles are being filled by members of AAQEP’s working groups. These individuals already have an in-depth understanding of the AAQEP philosophy and were instrumental in developing the policies, procedures, and process that are currently being implemented with our early adopters.

In the 8 sessions of Module 1, you’ll learn about the benefits and value of accreditation, how AAQEP uniquely approaches accreditation, a detailed look at the standards and aspects, and an overview of the expectations and responsibilities of reviewers.

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In Module 2, you’ll learn about your role as a facilitator in the virtual realm.

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In Module 3, you’ll learn more about the specific roles and responsibilities of AAQEP’s reviewers.

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Module 4 provides guidance for Quality Review Team Leads.

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