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Sara Hiller, Director of Accreditation Services

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AAQEP's Accreditation Management Platform (AMP), hosted by Weave, gives you a dedicated space and system for organizing your accreditation work. Once you’ve been set up with an AMP account, you can log in through the button below:


Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Who can access the AMP?

A: Initially, only the primary contact for each AAQEP regular member can access the platform. This individual can then assign additional users to specific “projects” in the system or to have administrative access. If you’re not sure who your primary contact is, you can find their name in your institution/organization’s listing in the AAQEP Member Directory.

Q: Is it okay for me to share a username and password with my colleagues?

A: No. For security purposes, each user should have their own Weave login. Primary contacts can add as many additional users as they would like.

Q: How do I give colleagues access to work in the AMP?

A: You can add anyone you'd like through the Users tab at the top of the screen. Select Create User, enter their contact information, and assign permissions by clicking on their name in your user list.

Q: What are the different levels of permissions we can assign to users?

A: The AMP offers three main roles, and providers can assign as many people to each role as desired. The roles and their associated permissions are listed on page 2 of this PDF.

Q: What do we do if our primary contact changes?

A: Contact AAQEP Director of Member Services Karen Lowenstein with the details.

Q: How do I log in?

A: To log in for the first time, you’ll need to activate an emailed invitation link within 72 hours of its generation by Weave. If you did not receive this message, please check your spam folder. If you are the primary contact for an AAQEP member and need a login invitation to be sent or resent, contact the Weave help desk. Once your AMP identity is active, you can log in anytime via the button above or through this link.

Q: Do I need a different login for the AMP than I already use for the AAQEP website?

A: Yes. Access to the AAQEP website connects directly to the member database, but for now at least, the AMP is not connected.

Q: Does this mean my institution is a Weave member?

A: Yes! As part of our organizational partnership, all AAQEP regular members are also now Weave members. Check out Weave’s Knowledge Center and Weave Academy; Weave members receive a discount on all Weave Academy events. You’ll also receive a discounted subscription rate on Weave for Programs Premium, an integrated program assessment tool.

Q: Which self-study templates are currently available in the AMP?

A: Templates are now available for both Initial Accreditation Reports and Quality Assurance Reports.

Q: When can I begin working on my next self-study report in the AMP?

A: Self-study authors must use the AMP for reviews with site visits in fall 2025 or later. Staff will open your IAR or QAR template and prompt you to access it approximately 18 months prior to your next site visit semester. If you want access to your report template before you’ve received this invitation or would like to use the system for a site visit prior to fall 2025, contact Sara Hiller.

Q: We have a site visit in 2026. What happens if we begin working on the QAR using the 2018 standards and decide to switch to the 2025 standards?

A: You will need to use a different report template for the new standards (which will be published in January 2025). Contact Sara Hiller to request any change in your AMP templates. Keep in mind AAQEP’s transition timeline for which standards to use in self-studies (see

2025 Standards Renewal – Implementation Timeline
Visits in fall 2025 or earlier Must use the 2018 standards
Visits in spring or fall 2026 Can use either 2018 or 2025 standards
Visits in spring 2027 onward Must use the 2025 standards


Q: When will I be able to submit an Accreditation Proposal in the AMP?

A: We plan to roll out AMP functionality for proposals in a future stage (date TBD). Please refer to the Accreditation Proposals resource page for submission details in the interim.

Q: If my institution wrote two QARs or IARs (breaking our self-study into two cases of programs), will we be able to manage them separately in the AMP?

A: Yes, but only one login is needed. Once you are logged in at the institutional level, you can click into each of your programs and manage their reports, permissions, etc.

Q: Can I see how my finished report will look before I submit it?

A: Yes! You can download a PDF of your draft at any time.

Q: Who can see what I’m working on in my report template?

A: Only you and your designated colleagues can view reports in progress–not AAQEP staff, reviewers, or anyone else. Once you hit the Submit button, your report will be locked and staff will be given access.

Q: How do I submit my self-study for the optional staff completeness check?

A: To give staff access to your report, hit the Submit button, and then email Sara Hiller to initiate the completeness check process. Staff will unlock the report again following the completeness check to reopen your access.

Q: What if I want to go back and edit something I’ve already submitted?

A: Contact Sara Hiller to request editing access.

Q: Who has to complete the Annual Update?

A: The primary contact of every regular AAQEP member is responsible for completing the Annual Update by December 31 each year. If you want to delegate this task to another person, you can add another user and assign them permissions as a Program Leader.

Q: Is the Annual Update the same as the Annual Report?

A: No. Not all members write Annual Reports, but all members complete the Annual Update. Guidance on Annual Reports can be found on this web page. The Annual Update is a brief form in the AMP that includes three items or "sections":

  • Directory Profile
  • AAQEP Annual Membership Update
  • Annual Report Upload

See this guidance document for step-by-step instructions for navigating the Annual Update.

Q: If my institution wrote two QARs or IARs (breaking our self-study into two cases of programs), will we need to complete two Annual Updates?

A: Yes. For each program set, you will need to submit a separate Annual Update to record the productivity numbers and upload the Annual Report for each accredited program case.

Q: Whom do I contact to resolve a login problem or for technical support in the AMP?

A: Contact the Weave Help Desk to troubleshoot any issues.

Q: What if the address is missing or incorrect in our program profile?

A: Don’t worry—the directory portion of the AMP is still under construction. Once it’s populated, you will have an opportunity to review your information before it becomes visible to the public.

Q: Why does my account list users I don’t know or say I’m assigned to a program I’ve never heard of?

A: Another program at your institution might be using Weave for different accreditation work. You can simply disregard those names and assignments if you’re certain they don’t apply to you, but if you want to remove yourself from a project and/or create a new “user group” for your AAQEP team, you can do so! Here is a quick video that explains how to do that.