Why Choose AAQEP?

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AAQEP is a membership association and quality assurance agency that provides accreditation services and formative support to all types of educator preparation providers. Nationally recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), AAQEP has membership of over 190 educator preparation providers in 33 states and other jurisdictions, with 89 providers in 20 states and territories now AAQEP-accredited.

Whether it’s required or optional in your state, accreditation has several important benefits. Participating enables you to:

  • Strengthen your program through a structured review process
  • Share successful practices in collaboration with partners
  • Grow professionally and broaden your support network
  • Build stronger stakeholder relationships through data sharing
  • Improve program effectiveness by engaging stakeholders
  • Make credible quality claims via third-party validation

AAQEP's model for accreditation incorporates both time-honored features and new ones that increase the utility and credibility of the process while encouraging innovation. These enhancements include the opportunity for programs to:

  • Navigate the path to accreditation with a cohort of peers
  • Submit a proposal for feedback before completing the self-study
  • Have a dedicated AAQEP liaison to provide ongoing support

The AAQEP process is designed to be formative, flexible, collegial, accurate, contextual, and supportive (see also the Design Principles at right). AAQEP’s challenging professional standards address all types and levels of educator preparation programs within their own context.

You can join AAQEP at any time. Programs have successfully transitioned from other accreditation systems on a range of timelines. AAQEP staff can support you in mapping out a transition timeline by backward-mapping from the desired decision date.

AAQEP generally recommends 3 years of preparation for a quality assurance review. This schedule gives you time to take full advantage of AAQEP’s formative supports by:

  • Engaging with peers in monthly cohort meetings
  • Attending a variety of webinars and workshops
  • Participating in the optional Accreditation Proposal process to secure peer feedback early in your self-study timeline

For some programs that already have good internal quality controls and data systems, a shorter transition timeline may be sufficient.

Once accredited, most programs enter a 7-year review cycle supported by annual reports and continuous opportunities to engage in cohorts.

The basic expenses associated with being AAQEP-accredited are member dues (annually) and site visit costs (generally once every 7 years). For July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023, those fees are as follows:

Regular Membership, up to 100 completers per year $2,900
Regular Membership, 101-500 completers per year $3,950
Regular Membership, over 500 completers per year $5,525
Site Visit Fee (plus reviewer travel expenses to be billed separately) $10,000

The membership fee covers participation in monthly cohort meetings, a variety of members-only webinars, and the optional Accreditation Proposal process as well as access to exclusive resources and a staff liaison. Learn more about member benefits here.

Other commonly incurred expenses include workshops, conferences, and consulting services, all of which have discounted fees for AAQEP members:

Workshop, per person Online (two 3-hour sessions):
$300 nonmember / $250 member
In person (one day, 9:00-4:00):
$375 nonmember / $325 member
AAQEP Institute (Emerging Leaders Seminar and Quality Improvement Seminar), per person $675 nonmember / $585 member
Early Bird Discount:
$630 nonmember / $540 member
Quality Assurance Symposium, per person $625 nonmember / $550 member
Early Bird Discount:
$525 nonmember / $450 member
Consulting Service (1-day online or on-campus delivery), plus reimbursed travel expenses $3,500 nonmember /
$3,000 member

Contact Linda McKee for a complimentary consultation about membership.


Want More Information?

Contact Linda McKee to discuss specific transition timelines, costs, and benefits or to request a presentation for your faculty or higher administration.

You can also attend a free introductory webinar or view a recording at your convenience.

AAQEP Design Principles

  1. Collaboration across preparation providers
  2. Improvement-focused, innovation-friendly protocols
  3. Partnership among institutions, state agencies, and AAQEP
  4. Comprehensive standards that address all types of providers
  5. Respect for context and mission
  6. Consistency and calibration of all reviews and decisions
  7. Efficiency and frugality in operations