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Questions About Joining?

Contact Linda McKee to discuss specific transition timelines, costs, and benefits for your program.

AAQEP membership is open to any institution, organization, individual, or state authority concerned with quality in educator preparation.

Maintaining annual membership in the association is a requirement for accredited programs to preserve their status—so all accredited programs are also regular members, but not all regular members have earned accreditation yet.

Primary Contacts

Each member institution/organization must designate one Primary Contact for its AAQEP membership. This individual will receive all membership-related communications and will have administrative permissions to update the web account for both the institution/organization and any other individuals associated with it.

In addition, each member has an option to designate an Affiliate Contact who will share administrative permissions for the member's records in the AAQEP database.

Additional Representatives

AAQEP sets no limit on the number of individuals from a member institution/organization who can participate in the association and access member benefits. Once a membership is active, anyone affiliated with the member institution/organization may set up a linked AAQEP web account.

Membership Categories

  • Regular members are educator preparation providers that are full participants in the AAQEP accreditation system. Regular membership fees are determined based on the number of annual program completers.

  • Affiliate members are either (a) educator preparation providers that are considering or exploring accreditation through AAQEP or (b) corporate or nonprofit partners.

  • Individual members are people who want to support or work with AAQEP but are not affiliated with a member institution or organization.

  • State members are states or territories that sign a cost-free partnership agreement with AAQEP. This official Memorandum of Agreement conveys member benefits to the state authority, including free participation in AAQEP events, and clarifies the state’s position for providers that wish to pursue AAQEP accreditation. For details about MOAs and other connections between AAQEP and states, visit the state collaboration page.

Member Benefits

Effective immediately upon joining AAQEP, members enjoy access to a robust menu of supports and free or discounted events. All individuals affiliated with a member institution/organization or state agency may access the benefits associated with their membership type. These benefits include:

Benefit Regular Affiliate, Individual, & State
Participation in the accreditation system, including assignment to an AAQEP liaison and peer cohort with optional monthly meetings X
Access to expert staff with deep experience in the field X X
Free Quality Assurance Review webinars addressing a series of key steps in the accreditation process X X
Free Member Quarterly webinars featuring member presentations on work related to a particular aspect of the AAQEP standards X X
Free online Open Forums and Collaborative Conversations organized in response to member interest X X
Discounted fees for consulting and event registration X X
Regular e-newsletters and other communications X X

Learn more about the no-cost online events for members.

Annual Dues

Special OfferMembership fees are due annually by July 1, but you can join at any time. New members are billed a prorated amount for the current year based on the quarter when they join.

SPRING 2024 NEW-MEMBER SPECIAL: Get up to 15 months for the price of 12! If you join now for the fiscal year that starts July 1, your membership takes effect immediately.

Member Type
& Tier

Annual Dues
(July 1, 2024–June 30, 2025)

Regular Member, 0-50 completers per year $3,450
Regular Member, 51-100 completers per year $3,700
Regular Member, 101-150 completers per year $4,700
Regular Member, 151-250 completers per year $5,000
Regular Member, 251-500 completers per year $6,500
Regular Member, 501-1,000 completers per year $7,000
Regular Member, over 1,000 completers per year $7,550
Affiliate Member $1,700
Individual Member, Professional $200
Individual Member, Active AAQEP Reviewer $100
Individual Member, Student $50
State Member Free with MOA