Accreditation Status Policy

An affirmative action by the Accreditation Commission results in a reviewed program being awarded one of two types of accreditation status: full or probationary. 

Full Accreditation 

Full accreditation is awarded when all standards are met and no more than one condition is noted. Full accreditation lasts 7 years (see Accreditation Decisions Policy for details on terms). 

Probationary Accreditation 

Probationary accreditation is awarded in cases where two conditions are noted in the accreditation decision. Conditions indicate shortcomings that threaten to render a provider out of compliance with a standard (see Accreditation Decisions Policy for details on notations). Probationary status lasts up to 2 years.

A provider with probationary status must address the conditions identified in its Accreditation Action Report to the Commission’s satisfaction within 2 years of the decision. The provider presents evidence to the Commission in a written report; the Commission may also specify in awarding probationary status that a focused site visit is required to affirm the evidence. Should such a visit be required, the report associated with that visit, along with the provider’s own report addressing the conditions, must be supplied to the Commission within 2 years of the original probationary decision. 

Review of the report(s) may result in affirmative or adverse action. If the Commission determines that standards are met, the Commission awards the provider 5 additional years of accreditation status; the resulting accreditation status ends 7 years from the date of the initial award of probationary accreditation. Determination that standards are not met results in adverse action. 

Maintaining Accreditation

Accreditation (full and probationary) remains in force through its expiration date as long as the accredited provider maintains current membership through annual payment of fees, files an acceptable Annual Report by December 31 of each year, and makes available to the public such program and candidate/completer performance data as specified by AAQEP. Evidence reported in the Annual Report must be consistent with continued meeting of all standards (see Annual Report Policy). Accredited members seeking renewal of accreditation must complete a Quality Assurance Report and host a site visit prior to the expiration of their current accreditation term. Accredited status is maintained through the subsequent accreditation action.