Annual Report Policy

To maintain accreditation status, all accredited members complete and submit the AAQEP Annual Report between October 1 and December 31 of each year, beginning the calendar year following a provider’s initial AAQEP accreditation.

The Annual Report template consists of two parts. Part I requires data on program performance and student achievement; this information is posted publicly by the accredited program no later than January 15 of the year following submission. A link to that information is posted on the AAQEP website as well. Part II consists of strategic planning information and other programmatic updates communicated to AAQEP annually. 

AAQEP staff review Annual Reports for indications of program weakness and bring evidence of underperformance to the attention of senior staff and the Accreditation Commission. Underperformance is investigated when aggregate license test pass rates decline below 80%, when the program’s aggregate results no longer meet the program’s criteria in more than a fifth of measures, or when annually reported program performance indicators decline. Staff may request updated evidence from any measures reported in the self-study report and report to the Accreditation Commission.

In the event that evidence shows the program is at risk of no longer meeting one or more of AAQEP’s standards, the Accreditation Commission requests that the program show cause that its accreditation not be revoked through a supplemental self-study report on specific aspects of the standards within 60 days; the Commission reviews that report within 30 days of its receipt and may: 

  1. reaffirm accreditation, 
  2. specify a condition that must be addressed within a specified timeframe with evidence provided in a focused report, or 
  3. revoke accreditation.

If an Accreditation Action Report includes notation of a concern or a condition, the provider’s AAQEP Liaison reviews information presented relative to the identified issue. That liaison works with the provider and the Accreditation Commission to ensure that the timeline is honored and the issue resolved. 

Staff may also contact providers in the event of other marked changes in programs. Indicators that would trigger contact may include sudden increases in enrollment or changes in levels of reported performance in less than one fifth of reported measures. Such indicators would serve only as triggers for further review and data collection by staff. 

Programs whose Annual Reports do not have any concerns or conditions or include indication of program weakness will be notified that their report has been received and reviewed.

AAQEP annually publishes an aggregate analysis of members’ Annual Reports, including aggregate information regarding the extent to which accredited programs are achieving their expectations for student learning.

AAQEP staff follow up with accredited members that have not completed the Annual Report by the December 31 due date. If a provider’s Annual Report remains delinquent by October 31 of the year following submission, that provider is in breach of policy, and AAQEP initiates a complaint (see Complaint Policy).