Preoperational Recognition Policy

New Program Recognition of Capacity Through Preoperational Capacity Review

AAQEP will conduct, at the request of a state authority responsible for authorizing or approving educator preparation programs, capacity reviews of entities that are seeking approval for new programs in the relevant state or jurisdiction. Such reviews will be conducted prior to the operation of the program in cases where the state authorizer desires such a third-party review as part of its program approval decision. Such reviews will be designed and conducted in partnership with the state authorizer and will be conducted using the AAQEP standards as the framework.

Such preoperational reviews will include both off- and on-site reviews by a team of AAQEP site visitors. In a virtual off-site review, the Quality Review Team will consider a self-study document prepared by and supporting materials supplied by the proposer of the program. A report of the off-site review, including questions requiring clarification prior to or at the start of the on-site review, will be prepared for the proposer. The on-site review (which may be conducted virtually) will consider evidence of the program’s capacity to begin operation of a program that would, within 3 years, be capable of providing sufficient evidence in a self-study to inform a full AAQEP accreditation review.

The Quality Review Team, upon completion of its on-site review, will provide the proposer with a report that indicates its determination of evidence that supports a finding of capacity as well as evidence that does not support a finding of capacity in relation to all aspects of the AAQEP standards. The report will be shared with the proposer to ensure factual accuracy, and upon acceptance of the report as factually accurate, the report will be shared with the Accreditation Commission for a determination.

Because the Quality Review Team’s exposure to the program best positions it to make such a recommendation, the team’s report to the Accreditation Commission will include a recommendation as to the finding of capacity. The Accreditation Commission’s determination may be affirmation of capacity, leading to a preaccreditation status of New Program Recognition of Capacity, with the expectation of a final accreditation determination within 3 years, or a finding of insufficient capacity. An affirmative determination may include identification of areas of concern; such areas shall be addressed annually in the provider’s Annual Reports to AAQEP, and reviewed by the AAQEP Liaison, lead site visitor, and a member of the Accreditation Commission annually. The liaison shall communicate any reviewer responses to the provider.