Public Reporting and Transparency Policy

AAQEP provides timely notification to the public regarding accreditation decisions as indicated in the Accreditation Decisions Policy. In posting its accreditation actions to its public website, AAQEP informs the public regarding the reasons for each decision and in the case of adverse action makes the affected programs’ comments available, should any be provided.

Accreditation Action Reports are posted within 30 days of the action being taken; in the case of adverse action, AAQEP ensures the affected programs have at least 15 days to provide comments before their Accreditation Action Report is posted.

AAQEP member providers are required to represent the accreditation status of their programs accurately and without ambiguity. A provider may not use the same program name to identify both an accredited program and a nonaccredited program. Institution catalogs and similar publications must clearly indicate the programs accredited by AAQEP as distinct from any other programs or kinds of accreditation. Each accredited program must be specifically identified as “accredited by AAQEP.”