Guide to Accreditation

2020 AAQEP Guide - click to download

The Guide to AAQEP Accreditation provides comprehensive information on the AAQEP process to support member programs as they seek accreditation or reaccreditation. It also serves as a resource for volunteer peer reviewers and decision makers.

It describes AAQEP's standards and aspects, evidence consideration and priorities, the accreditation process, the Quality Assurance Report (self-study), the review process, and definitions of key terms. (If you’re looking for policies, you can find them here.)

The Guide is an operating manual that is updated annually. Each year, AAQEP will also publish a summary of the latest changes, and no changes/policies will take effect until they are published.

Members may choose to work with any version of the Guide that has a publication year within 4 years of their scheduled visit. For example, a provider with a visit scheduled in fall 2024 may use the 2020 version or later; the version must be specified in the Quality Assurance Report to ensure reviewers have a common reference point.

Please help improve future editions of the Guide by providing your feedback!