Standards 2025

Tell Us What You Think About Standards

We'd like to know how you feel professional standards should adjust with the times to better align with your work and guide quality and improvement in educator preparation.

This anonymous survey should take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete. Please respond by April 1.

AAQEP's standards and their associated evidence requirements and priorities are on a 7-year review cycle. The current standards were adopted in January 2018, which means they must be renewed in or before January 2025. In accordance with the AAQEP bylaws, the standards-review process is overseen by the Quality Expectations Committee, whose members are drawn from the Board of Directors and the Accreditation Commission.

Quality Expectations Committee

  • Cochair: Katia González, Chair, Department of Education, Wagner College (NY)
  • Cochair: Tim Wall, Dean, School of Education, Northwest Missouri State University
  • Gina Anderson, Associate Dean for Educator Preparation & Partnerships, Texas Woman's University
  • Doretha Allen, Instructional Coach, Dallas Independent School District (TX)
  • Kathlene Holmes Campbell, CEO, National Center for Teacher Residencies
  • Virginia Goatley, Interim Dean, School of Education, University at Albany, SUNY (NY)
  • Joe Lubig, Associate Dean and Director of Education, Leadership, and Public Service, Northern Michigan University
  • Reyes Quezada, Chair, Department of Learning and Teaching, University of San Diego (CA)
  • Katherine Chen Tilley, Chinese Immersion Teacher, Alpine School District (UT)


Date Task
2021-2022 Design work plan
Survey accredited members
2022-2023 Gather input
2023-2024 Draft and circulate renewed expectations framework for feedback
Fall 2024 Circulate revised draft for comment
January 2025 Publish expectations framework