Initial Accreditation Pathway


AAQEP Initial Accreditation Pathway:
A New Opportunity

April 25, 1:00–2:00 p.m. EDT

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Writing the Initial Accreditation Report

August 22, 1:00–2:00 p.m. EDT

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AAQEP's initial accreditation pathway is an option designed to facilitate providers' entry into the AAQEP system, both for those seeking an expedited transition from another accreditor and for providers with new or newly revised programs. Members seeking initial accreditation status conduct a self-study based on the AAQEP standards and write an Initial Accreditation Report (IAR) in application for the 5-year, nonrenewable initial accreditation status.

Note: States vary in their recognition of initial accreditation status. Please check with your state authorizer for details.


Provider Templates and Guidance

  • AAQEP Initial Accreditation Pathway Information Sheet (PDF)
    The initial accreditation pathway became available after the latest Guide to AAQEP Accreditation was published. Members pursuing initial accreditation still reference the Guide for the AAQEP expectations framework and other elements of the system, but processes specific to the initial pathway are not currently detailed in the Guide. This information sheet fills in details about the purpose and process associated with the new pathway.

  • Guidance on Writing the IAR (PDF)
    This document lists the components of an IAR and offers templates and guidelines for report authors to use. See also the member webinar "Writing the Initial Accreditation Report."

  • Program Specification Table (PDF)
    This document contains a template and instructions for completing the Program Specification Table, an official record of the specific programs included in the scope of your AAQEP review. The table identifies the degrees or programs being accredited by AAQEP, any associated state credentials, enrollment and completer numbers, and other information. Download this Word file to use as a template in your IAR (as well as in other key reports in your AAQEP work cycle).

  • Aspect-Evidence Tables (PDF)
    These tables provide an organizer for your report readers by identifying evidence sources, their alignment to the standards and aspects, and which program(s) they support. Instructions specific to these tables' use in Initial Accreditation Reports are detailed in the Guidance on Writing the IAR linked above. Download this Word version of the Aspect-Evidence Tables to use as a template.

  • Guidance on Selecting a Local Practitioner for Initial Accreditation​​ (PDF)
    Every Initial Quality Review Team has one member who is a local practitioner nominated by the provider. This individual provides the team with valuable knowledge regarding the local and state context of your program. Download this document to learn more.

  • Guidance on Creating a Virtual Site Visit Schedule (PDF)
    This document outlines the expectations for providers to schedule interviews and meetings for virtual site visits. Download a sample template for your virtual review here.

Initial Quality Review Team Templates

Help your reviewers present a complete picture of your program by knowing how their reports will look. You will have an opportunity to read and make factual corrections to both of these reports before they are finalized. Remember, the Accreditation Commission makes the final decision based on your self-study (IAR) and the QRT Report for Initial Accreditation.

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