State Collaboration

January 28, 3:00-4:30 p.m. EST

AAQEP and States: Collaborating on Quality in Educator Preparation

How do educator preparation providers benefit when state education authorities and an accreditor work together to support quality and ongoing improvement?

In this webinar, staff from state education agencies and professional standards boards will explore how AAQEP conceptualizes and operationalizes quality, what collaborative opportunities and partnership frameworks the AAQEP system offers for states, and how various efforts and structures are building the capacity for quality educator preparation within and across states. Talk with state colleagues currently engaging with AAQEP and get answers to your questions.

  • Learn about AAQEP’s approach to quality and continuous improvement, including its own pursuit of national recognition with the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Get an overview of the design principles, standards, evidence expectations, and processes that undergird the AAQEP accreditation system for educator preparation providers.

  • Explore options for AAQEP’s cost-free cooperation agreement with states, such as integration of specific state standards and process requirements, formative supports for educator preparation providers, and coordination of review timelines and delivery, and hear about the membership benefits included in MOAs for state colleagues.

  • Discuss current challenges and successes in providing support for quality educator preparation, and consider how participating in monthly cross-state calls for conversation among state and AAQEP staff could be beneficial.

  • Learn how AAQEP is supporting state-specific initiatives around quality educator preparation by offering custom workshops and consulting, providing information for regulatory updates, and bringing preparation programs to the table with state authorities to drive collaborative improvements informed by a broad base of professional input and perspectives.

Registration is free and available through the button below.

AAQEP Collaboration With States

AAQEP cultivates collaborative relationships with individual state education authorities and educator preparation providers within their state in order to:

  • Add value to the quality assurance and improvement process
  • Decrease burden as well as duplication of work for both programs and reviewers
  • Establish and maintain an open channel for communication across the three parties
  • Facilitate ongoing conversation that builds trust and common understanding

AAQEP State Members

  • California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
  • Hawaii Teacher Standards Board
  • Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Nebraska Department of Education
  • North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and State Board of Education
  • Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission
  • Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board
Click on a state to download its AAQEP MOA.
For contact information, see the
online member directory.

Some form of these conversations is active in all 23 of the states and territories where AAQEP has members, as well as in some states where providers are exploring accreditation options. Six state authorities have officially joined AAQEP as state members (see inset).

No-Cost Cooperation Agreements

A state may develop an official memorandum of agreement with AAQEP that conveys member benefits to the state authority, including free or discounted participation in AAQEP events, and clarifies the state’s position for providers that wish to pursue AAQEP accreditation. View the MOA template here, or contact us to get one started for your state.

Monthly Cross-State Collaborative Calls

Open to All Interested State Personnel

AAQEP convenes a monthly video call for any interested state colleagues to support cross-state discussion around educator preparation quality, state approval, and national accreditation. To receive an invitation to these calls, contact Karen Lowenstein.

State Connections With Site Visits

AAQEP welcomes participation of state observers in site visits and even conducts join visits with state reviewers in states whose cooperation agreements include such a specification. AAQEP staff work with host providers to coordinate any state involvement in their reviews.