Consulting Service

Bring an AAQEP senior staff member to your campus for a day (or more) of formative support that is customized to your programs and context. Our consulting service is grounded in the values of quality assurance and program improvement and framed by the AAQEP standards.

Collaborate with your AAQEP consultant to set an agenda that is tailored to your needs, such as:

  • Some or all of the activities from the AAQEP workshop curriculum, using data and artifacts from your own programs, to begin the transition and planning process for an AAQEP quality assurance review
  • Planning for and implementing data analysis in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders
  • Meeting with institutional leaders, faculty, partners, or other key people to discuss the purpose and value of national accreditation 
  • Other topics as requested



  • Mark LaCelle-Peterson, AAQEP President and CEO
  • Linda S. McKee, AAQEP Chief Operations Officer

Note: Working with an AAQEP consultant does not guarantee a successful accreditation bid for your programs. Staff may assist you in getting ready, but the action decision is made solely by the AAQEP Accreditation Commission, based on your self-study report and the Quality Review Team Report.


$3,500 per day/per consultant plus travel

Discounted fee for AAQEP members:
$3,000 per day/per consultant plus travel

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Each consulting day includes meetings and/or presentations in a jointly constructed agenda, with no limit on the number of individuals participating (although all should be from one provider).


To discuss how AAQEP consulting might meet specific needs and schedules for your programs, including the option for remote/virtual consultation, contact Linda McKee.


"Colgate found the AAQEP consulting session to be an invaluable way to bring together multiple stakeholders, including alumni and cooperating teachers, in order to familiarize our collective with our accreditation standards-based goals. There was a nice balance between formal content presented by AAQEP leaders and the more informal opportunity to call into conversation contextualized questions."

— Meg Gardner, Director of Teacher Preparation, Colgate University