AAQEP offers a workshop curriculum that engages the educator preparation field in professional learning related to quality assurance and improvement. Online workshops are offered on a regular schedule. In-person workshops may also be arranged by request as day-long events hosted by a campus or other facility and as consultation engagements.

These workshops are designed with AAQEP members in mind, but the concepts and content are also useful for those looking to learn about AAQEP's system and to anyone working with assessment and data-based improvement in educator preparation.

Making the Case for Quality
Date Location/Mode Registration
October 30 & 31 Online

Dig into the AAQEP standards in this interactive workshop!

After a brief overview of AAQEP’s expectations framework, process, and evidence requirements, we’ll begin exploring the types of evidence needed to document the performance of candidates and program completers for Standards 1 and 2. You and your colleagues (teams encouraged!) will consider the data you currently have available, discuss strategies for gathering new information from your graduates and their employers, and start winnowing the options down to a manageable set of measures.

Moving on to Standards 3 and 4, we’ll look at practical strategies for documenting specific program practices that promote candidate success, support completer career entry and growth, incorporate stakeholder perspectives, and ensure program capacity for quality. Begin planning appendices to your self-study report that will clearly connect to the AAQEP standards while interrogating existing program processes and informing success at a practical level.

Leave with an action plan that assists you in selecting and preparing your evidence set for accreditation.

If you are unfamiliar with AAQEP, you can prepare for this workshop by viewing an archived introductory webinar.

Ensuring Data Quality and Equity
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June 26 & 27 Online
Nov. 20 & 21 Online

Empirical evidence is the best guide we have in the quest to strengthen and improve programs. But not all measures are of equal quality, and sometimes they yield discrepant outcomes that undermine our efforts to promote equity. To effectively support quality assurance and program improvement, evidence must be credible, meaningful, and fair. How can you ensure that measures produce equitable, accurate, and useful data?

In this interactive workshop, you will work in teams—from your own institution and/or other programs—to understand the issues of equity, validity, and reliability as they relate to quantitative measures and to explore ways of ensuring the fairness and trustworthiness of qualitative evidence sources.

You will strategize ways to develop and validate assessment measures, including through work with school-based partners who host candidates and hire completers to simultaneously strengthen your quality assurance system and your partnerships. Leave with a better understanding of the value of developing shared professional judgment with your P-12 colleagues and partners to support data quality and equity.

This workshop explores concepts that are useful to AAQEP members and anyone working with assessment in educator preparation. No measurement background needed—the conversation about fairness and data quality is for everyone!

Using Data to Sustain Improvement
Date Location/Mode Registration
Sept. 19 & 20 St. Louis, MO (as part of the Quality Improvement Seminar at the AAQEP Institute)

Data abounds, but how do you deploy the right information for the right purpose?

This interactive workshop looks at ways to use improvement science for accreditation and beyond. Find out how data can tell your program’s story, answer essential questions, and strategically drive improvement plans.

We’ll explore tools and protocols related to improvement science and discuss visual models for effectively communicating findings. Using the PDSA (plan-do-study-act) model as a framework, we’ll consider how improvement science can inform the construction or revision of an action plan to support continuous improvement—with the added benefit of building collaboration and community with stakeholders around the shared work.

Leave with practical ideas to support and sustain your continuous improvement process.

This workshop explores concepts that are useful to AAQEP members and anyone working on data-based improvement in educator preparation.

Quality Implementation
Date Location/Mode Registration
Sept. 19 & 20 St. Louis, MO (as part of the Quality Improvement Seminar at the AAQEP Institute)

Supporting continuous improvement is a foundational goal of the AAQEP system—not just for accreditation and accountability purposes but as part of an ongoing culture within each program. What practical applications can leaders implement to build a culture of continuous improvement?

This workshop will introduce ways to create and sustain a culture of continuous improvement among your stakeholders. After considering models for approaching change and how adults learn and adapt, we’ll discuss how leaders can steer their team around common challenges on both the individual and systems levels.

Learn how to use an implementation science framework in realistic applications to identify and adopt a culture of improvement, and explore the key leadership aspects that support collaborative processes. The workshop also includes modeling the lessons about implementation science in planning the AAQEP self-study and/or Annual Report.

This workshop explores concepts that are useful to AAQEP members and anyone leading looking to build and lead a culture of continuous improvement.

workshop participants around a table with facilitator
Advance registration closes
10 days prior to each workshop.
Late registrations also gladly accommodated if available.


$250 AAQEP members

$300 nonmembers

includes two 3-hour sessions, each running 1:00-4:00 p.m. Eastern


$325 AAQEP members

$375 nonmembers

includes continental breakfast and lunch; runs 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Group Discount:
10% off groups of 6 or more participants from the same institution/provider

Each online workshop is delivered in pairs via 3-hour Zoom sessions on consecutive days. The equivalent in-person workshop covers the same content but combines the two parts in a single day, with a continental breakfast and lunch provided. Both types of workshops are open to anyone for registration—membership not required!

Please contact us if you're interested in arranging an in-person workshop on your campus.