Travel Policy

For on-site quality assurance reviews beginning in fall 2023, the following guidance applies unless other arrangements are made to accommodate the host institution/provider’s policies.

  1. The provider completes an online form with travel details such as the best airport to use, ground transportation, etc., and which meals will be covered by the provider (rather than paid for by reviewers).

  2. The provider arranges and pays for hotel accommodations and communicates reservation details directly to review team members.

  3. Travelers book and purchase their own air or ground travel at least 6 weeks in advance. Any fares over $500 must be approved in advance by the provider.

  4. Following the site visit, travelers record their expenses and upload required receipts via the AAQEP Expense Form, the link to which is sent to each traveler (see F below regarding meals). Receipts are required for all travel expenses, and a map is required for mileage reimbursement. AAQEP calculates and reimburses reviewers for mileage based on the distance traveled and federal per diem rates for mileage.

  5. Travelers who book a rental car must secure insurance, either automatic coverage through their personal insurance or credit card or purchased coverage from the rental agency. Such expense is reimbursable by AAQEP.

  6. Travelers will be reimbursed for meals not covered by the provider. Alcoholic beverages and any room service or other items purchased (other than regular meals) are not authorized for reimbursement. Meals should be kept to a reasonable price; as a guideline, please consider the federal per diem rates for meals. Tips and gratuities should not exceed 20% of total charge.

  7. AAQEP bills the provider for the sum of expenses in C through F above.

  8. Changes to travel arrangements are sometimes unavoidable. Travelers should contact AAQEP in writing prior to making any changes that would impact the cost of the trip. Travelers are responsible for any additional costs if changes are made without first consulting AAQEP.

  9. If a traveler is unable to complete a planned trip, any travel advance and airfare refunds must be returned to AAQEP.


Last updated June 2023