Third-Party Comment Policy

As part of each accreditation review, AAQEP solicits third-party comments to allow broad input by stakeholders and interested members of the public in the accreditation process. A call for comment for a provider undergoing an AAQEP quality assurance review is posted on the AAQEP website no less than 4 months prior to that provider’s scheduled site visit. (See third-party comment solicitation web page.) 

AAQEP requires that the provider likewise post the call for comment on its website and disseminate it widely, including the link to the AAQEP survey form. The provider must send a link to its own call for comment to the AAQEP accreditation coordinator as evidence of compliance with the policy.

Comments are accepted from all parties, including program faculty, staff, students/candidates, alumni, employers, partner schools, and the general public. 

The call for comment must be available for at least 4 months prior to the site visit. The comment period is closed 4 weeks prior to the visit, at which time comments are shared with the program. At its discretion, the program may respond to the comments; any such response is due within 2 weeks of the start of the site visit. All comments and the program’s response, if one is provided, are made available to the Quality Review Team and communicated in summary to the Accreditation Commission.